PERU TV En Vivo por internet gratis canal de Peru.PERU TV En Vivo online.PERU TV En Vivo Peruvian National Television or National Television of Peru (Spanish: Televisión Nacional del Perú) (TV Perú) is a non-profit public broadcasting television network service with 22 member TV stations in Peru. TV Perú's headquarter is in Lima, Peru.

Peru TV En Vivo Canal Description:

The station was founded on January 17, 1958 with the aid of UNESCO in a joint venture production with Peruvian Government, under the name Radio y Televisión Peruana (RTP). Dr. Jorge Basadre Grohmann, Peru's late 1950s minister of education held the innaguration ceremony. The station was opened at the same day and it is the first television station in Peru. The station started the process moving from monochrome broadcasts to color in 1974. Finally in 1978 RTP officially launched broadcasts in color.

In the 1980s the station started satellite transmissions across Peru. In 1986, during Alan García's government, the TV station was given the popular name TV-Perú Canal 7 (but the legal name remained RTP). The TNP name was adopted in the mid-1990s during Alberto Fujimori's regime. In 2006 the station was renamed again to TV Perú.

Nowadays TV Perú is better known for its regular programming devoted to spread Peruvian culture, by showing documentaries such as Reportaje al Perú and Costumbres. Sometime during the mid 2000s aired reruns of korean dramas dubbed into spanish such as All About Eve, A wish upon star among others.

On March 30, 2010, TV Perú launched its high-definition signal (using ISDB-TB) with the help of the government of Japan who donated the proper equipment.

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